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I know, I could have waited until tomorrow for the full 3-week update, but I don’t have a Dr appointment until Oct 4th anyway, so there’s really no update.  I did take off one of the “sani-strips” covering the wound to see how it’s healing and it looks really good.  There hasn’t been any pain really - except for when I wake up in the morning and get the most vicious leg cramps you can imagine!  It’s like my body is storing it up and the second I’m lucid - BAM!  CRAMP!  It’s crazy, me leg gets all shaky and then a few second later it’s gone.  EVERY morning.  Anyway, there is no swelling around the wound, though my toes do look like vienna sausages sometimes, and there is no infection at all.  So really, it seems like things are coming along swimmingly!

Speaking of swimming, I think that’s going to be my workout for the winter, is just a TON of swimming (don’t worry, I’m still doing my home Crossfit workouts) for my endurance races and just for some cardio work.  As strong as my upper body is getting, I feel a little gooey in the middle (and yes, I’ve been doing well on my calorie intake - not much junk at all, though I did share some candy with my Niece Quincy the other day- couldn’t help it, have you HAD the Lemonheads and friends soft candy???  Holy moly they’re good!)  I’ve been doing pretty well on the Paleo thing, but I’m not a Nazi about it, I have so get my protein from easy delivery systems right now to there are a couple of bars and definitely some powder that I use for shakes.  Worth it!  Anyway, I’ll be getting a pass to a local pool to do some serious swimming this winter.

Was that long enough for you?  Hope so!